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Santa Cruz Fireplace Guru

Keeping your home safe and warm 



"It's my duty to educate the customer about their fireplace."
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Kris Falk, Owner/Operator, Santa Cruz Fireplace Guru


An inspection can provide vital information regarding you fireplace. 

Annual Service's

Annual service of gas, wood and pellet appliances is recommended.


Make necessary repairs to keep you fireplace operational, but more importantly, safe.

See things in action

Below are a few videos illustrating the processes used by the Fireplace Guru when sweeping or inspecting a chimney.

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A suite of tools at your disposal

Links provided take the guessing work out of choosing your fireplace inspector, provide more insight, and answer most of your inspection questions or concerns. 


Sweeping a Chimney


Inspecting a Chimney



Level's of Inspections


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